As gas prices rise, so does the population of Hybrid Vehicles on our roads. I felt it would be to our advantage to be prepared to service these vehicles. We had ATG do a one day class on Hybrid Vehicle Safety & Service. This class not only took away the fear Techs have associated with servicing these cars, but also provided some very beneficial safety tips. Two major things were accomplished: 1. Tech capability is expanded 2. Claims associated with servicing these cars & trucks (improperly) will not be an issue The Techs have complete confidence now when it comes to performing maintenance services on Hybrids. In fact, the Service Managers can’t believe how simple they are to work on (profitably & safely). We are now hosting a second class for Service Managers, so they may also understand how easy it is to safely & profitably service Hybrids. I highly recommend this seminar for any District or Zone that serves a major metro area. Hybrids will, if not already, make up a substantial portion of serviceable vehicles on the road. Tobin M. (5 star review found on ATG Training)

Now about Mr. Wellwood, all the techs, supervisors and our director wish he could stay here for another 6 months maybe even forever. Everyone was just blown away from the amount of information Ross has to offer. They call him a genius! I always enjoy walking to the back to see Ross under the hood and you see all the guys try to fit in under the hood with him. This seminar was beyond our expectations, everyone is happy and are looking forward to using all the information they could get from Ross. guys offered to take. All in all my guys are happy, My boss is happy, so I’m happy. Thank you very much Heather and thank you ATG its been amazing. - Laupule T (5 star review found on ATG Training)

I am sending you this e-mail to give your A.T.G. group a big thumbs up for the Powerstroke class. Your instructor Dean Parsons was very informative and helpful with a lot of the questions that were asked at this two day class. Mr. Parsons really broke down the Powerstroke motors and gave some real good tips and along with the book made for one heck of a class the only thing bad was it was only two days long with as much information that was given this should have been a longer number of days for this class in my opinion. The Powerstorke seminar was well worth the time and I look forward to attending more of your classes in the coming year. Also would you be able to give me a list of dates, times and topics for this coming 2012 year so that way I can try to budget for the classes. Once again AWSOME job you guys did on this class and we will see you next year. Erwin C (5 star review found on ATG Training)

I wanted to thank you all for your training and products. I attended your training for powerstrokes in March at the Vision KC convention. From the day I returned from your course I have PROFITED 3,000 – 6,000 a month more just off the knowledge I gained about the 6.0 powerstoke. Lets just say this, I flew first class to Kansas City, stayed in a nice hotel and flew back. The day I got back I sold a job repairing a 6.0 diesel that profited enough to pay for my entire trip. Great class, amazing book. Keep up the great work! - Jon M (5 star review found on ATG training)

Over the years our technicians have attended many evening courses. Many times I get reports back from the techs that the instructor or content was marginal and the techs are left wondering why they gave up family time for the course. This makes it hard to get them to willingly go to evening courses. On September 26th 2012 we had the Emissions Control Diagnostics Workshop in Saskatoon. All of our techs came back impressed with the trainer. They said finally they had relative information they could use at the shop. Even our head tech Dave XXX (ACDelco Tech of the Millennium) was happy he had gone. His response was that the instructor was believable. Other comments from the techs were on the process of diagnostics being a big help and that there was very little useless trivia which other instructors tend to overdo. Overall a huge success for technician information they can come back to the shop and use. I urge those that arrange the training for our techs to find more instructors of this caliber. This will ensure that technicians stay up to date with the training they need and that they will want to attend these courses. Thank you very much for providing a course that was well worth the time and effort to be away from our families. - Don K. (5 star review found on ATG Training)


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