ATG is dedicated to the automotive professional. We offer highly technical courses, backed up with unmatched technical information and trainer experience. Our classes are designed around the balanced goal of presenting complex information and techniques in ways that everyone can understand, while still challenging the most experienced technicians.

Our training seminars include:

  • Top instructors with an average of 15+ years of shop experience that know the problems technicians face
  • A custom-designed training manual
  • Comprehensive slide presentations
  • A practical application of the information and techniques, including demonstrations where appropriate

The full line of ATG training seminars gives technicians an opportunity to increase their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and apply new repair techniques on domestic and popular import vehicles. 

These classes save you time and money because you will pinpoint faults more quickly and accurately. Watch customer satisfaction increase as your diagnostic and repair verification skills reduce vehicle downtime and repeat visits for the same fault. At ATG, our dedication to the automotive industry is the reason why our technical group creates quality products and services that are essential to your business. We are technicians helping technicians! We trust you will find that our training is an excellent investment in your own success and job satisfaction.

Thank you in advance from all of us at ATG.

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  • Wallace Mouradian
    Wally Mouradian has 40 years of automotive experience including working as a repair technician and owning a service station. He is an ASE certified and L1 certified master technician. He graduated from Denver Automotive and Diesel College in 1980. Wally is a member of the Service Technicians Society (STS) and served as vice president of the Automotive Service Association Broward County Chapter.
  • Kris Lewis
    Kris brings a unique combination of experience to teaching, including ‘almost everything’. In addition to decades in a shop focusing on drivability and electrical, he worked with an automotive radio program and mentored many technicians through in-shop training before transitioning into local training and a hotline service in the mid-2000s. In 2011 Kris joined The Automotive Training Group as a part time trainer, and quickly decided that as a full-time trainer he could pass on the years of experience to more technicians. Since then he has traveled the US and Canada delivering ATG training seminars, focusing on practical strategies that he feels are best learned through great interaction with the audience. His enthusiasm isn’t limited to his audience – his mentoring to fellow trainers led to the creation of the position of Director of Training in 2016. ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, ASE L1 Certified, ASE A9 Diesel Certified, ASE C1 Service Consultant Certified, i-ATN Sponsoring Member, Sponsoring Member, ATG Trainer Since 2011 | Awards - ASA-NJ - Shop of the Year, AASP - NJ - Rookie of the Year | Mechanics Education Association, Instructor, Tech Support Hotline 2004-2007, Assistant Trainer for: “Up Your Voltage” 4 days Hybrid Training w/ Craig Van Battenburg ACDC 2006, Hybrid Training 3 day course w/ Jerry Truglia A.T.T.S. inc 2006, Hybrid Training USMC Okinawa Japan w/ Jerry Truglia A.T.T.S. inc 2010
  • Rick Kelley
    Rick Kelley has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry including 23 years at Buck’s Automotive in Tucson AZ where he specialized in drivability and electrical. As a Mobile Diagnostic technician and trainer, he brings his firsthand knowledge to the classroom. Rick is an ASE certified Master Technician with advanced certificates in L1 and X1. As a National Champion in the VICA Skill Olympics (now known as SkillsUSA) during high school, he was able to continue his education by attending Arizona Automotive Institute on scholarship. Rick also competed in the ACDelco Technician of the Millennium contest from 1999-2003 placing in the top 4 nationally in every contest. Rick is on the advisory committee for his local high school automotive program and also a judge for his local SkillsUSA contests.
  • Eric Walker
      For Eric, being an automotive technician has never been just another job, but rather a lifelong passion. From an incredibly young age, Eric decided that automobiles were a fascinating combination of progressive technologies, and he knew that the Automotive Industry is where he was destined to be. Starting in High School he attended a 2-year Vocational School attending the Ford/AAA Competition. After High School, he attended Universal Technical Institute in Houston Texas. He graduated top of his class at UTI with an Associate Degree and was offered a chance to attend the BMW STEP program that had just started in Phoenix Arizona. In 1997, after graduating from the BMW Step program, he was offered a position as a Master BMW technician at BMW of Nashville Tennessee.
      After working for BMW for several years, Eric decided he wanted to do more and considered opening his own business performing vehicle repair. So, in 2005 he started his own repair shop, Walker Automotive in Elkton, Kentucky, which specializes in European auto repair, but still with a high Domestic and Asian car count. After owning an automotive repair shop for 15 years and working in the industry for over 26 years, Eric decided to help other technicians by becoming an automotive trainer. Owning an automotive shop and continuing to work in the service bay allows him to relate to the current problems Automotive shops and technicians are facing today. Sharing his knowledge and experiences has become Eric's new passion to help Automotive Technicians and Automotive Shops become successful.
      Degrees & Certifications:
      • Graduate - Automotive Technology,
      • Universal Technology Institute,
      • Graduate Degree BMW Step Program,
      • ASE Master Tech,
      • ASE L1 Advance Engine Performance,
      • ASE L3 Hybrid Certified,
      • ASE A9 Light Duty Diesel Certified
      • Trainer with ATG Since 2017
  • Bryan Perrin
    Bryan started in the back room of a service station in 1982 and received a certificate in automotive repair in 1983 from Mira Costa CC. Since then he has worked as a technician, shop foreman, shop manager, and has owned 2 full-service repair shops. Along the way, he earned ASE Master Technician status in both automotive and medium/heavy-duty truck repair, along with advanced certifications like L1, L2, L3, F1, C1, X1, G1, E2, P2, and A9. Bryan has years of training experience as a certified California smog training instructor and has certified 4 different update training courses for renewing smog repair technicians. He has written a magazine article and a co-authored curriculum. He also works for the California Bureau of Automotive Repair as a subject matter expert in drivability and emissions along with brakes and lamp/electrical and provides technical training for the smog referee program. Recent shop experience has focused on computerized vehicle systems, including isolating logic problems for which manufactures have not created an efficient diagnostic path. This has resulted in innovative techniques for a more practical and accurate diagnosis – especially for the enabling/disabling conditions and system/component interactions associated with modern vehicles. Graduate Mira Costa CC; ASE Master Tech; ASE Advanced L1, L2, L3, F1, C1, X1, G1, E2, P2, A9; CA Smog Training Certified; CA Bureau of Automotive Repair Drivability & Emissions Expert; ATG Trainer Since 2013
  • Chris Nosalek
    Chris is the founder of Electron Automotive, the largest Hybrid and Electric vehicle specialists in California who also have their own remanufacturing facility for Hybrid and Electric vehicle batteries. With an education from California Polytechnic University of Pomona for Mechatronic Engineering (Electrical & Mechanical Engineering) and teaching at Golden West College for 5 years he is equipped with the essential skills needed to today's modern vehicles along with the Hybrid and Electric vehicles that are emerging. Chris is still involved, on a daily basis, with the operations of the business. He is likely to be found working with his technicians on diagnostics or designing new test equipment for the most recent vehicles. His education extends beyond the automotive industry and includes the following degrees and certifications. * Mathematics, * Physics, * Science, * Liberal Arts, * Engine Performance and Drive-ability; * A1 | Engine Repair | 6/30/2022 | Current, * A2 | Automatic Transmission/Transaxle | 6/30/2022 | Current, * A3 | Manual Drive Train and Axles | 6/30/2022 | Current, * A4 | Suspension and Steering | 6/30/2022 | Current, * A5 | Brakes | 6/30/2022 | Current, * A6 | Electrical/Electronic Systems | 6/30/2022 | Current, * A7 | Heating and Air Conditioning | 6/30/2022 | Current, * A8 | Engine Performance | 6/30/2022 | Current, * C1 | Automobile Service Consultant | 6/30/2025 | Current, * G1 | Auto Maintenance and Light Repair | 6/30/2025 | Current, * L1 | Automobile Advanced Engine Performance | 6/30/2022 | Current, * L3 | Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle | 6/30/2022 | Current, * P2 | Automobile Parts | 6/30/2025 | Current, * S6 | Electrical/Electronic Systems | 6/30/2025 | Current, * T6 | Electrical/Electronic Systems | 6/30/2025 | Current, * X1 | Exhaust Systems | 6/30/2025 | Current
  • Paul Schlacht
    Paul Schlacht has over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry including 10 years as a mobile tech specializing in electrical problems. Paul is an ASE-Certified Master Tech along with advanced L1 and L3 certifications. He is also is a licensed FAA A and P mechanic. Paul has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and studied for a Master's Degree in Career and Technical Teacher Education at Kent State University. He has spent the last seven years teaching automotive and automotive electrical skills at the secondary and post-secondary levels.


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