The January 2021 Edition of Nissan Tech News discussing Mass Air Sensors utilized our VE Calculator to determine cylinder fill validating their diagnostic reasoning which was a great use of our application.  If you need the VE Calculator, you can find on our website here,

We want to thank Nissan Tech News for featuring our program in their recent edition and recommend you sign up for this great resource.  (Link:


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Great training and the books are very well written. - Ernest N (5 star review found on Facebook)

It was very good information, completely top notch and relative to repairing most modern vehicles. - Chris K (5 star review found on Facebook)

Great way to expand your knowledge and develop different diagnostic approach. - Jerry L (5 star review found on Facebook)

Great network class this week with Kris Lewis. thanks ATG. - Ron K (5 star review found on Facebook)


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