At ATG, we take our diagnostic ideology into every product we create, and that includes manuals, presentations, and training experiences we have created as works-for-hire. Need a product specifically for a tool, part, system or procedure? We can do that!

The only thing we can’t create is a traditional, boring training product. Everything we publish is built from the shop up, so it isn’t just distilled OEM information repackaged as training. We also skip line drawings in favor of photographs of real diagnosis and service, good parts, failed parts, and case studies. On top of that we add as many actual tool captures as we can, including any brand of DVOM, Scan Tool, Lab Scope, or other required tools to make the final product feel as relevant as possible for your particular audience. This strategy creates a connection with the learner for better retention, but it also makes the material immediately useful back on the job.

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