We're still convinced that the best way to learn is in an instructor-led discussion with your peers, so we're not going to replace traditional seminars with webinars. But if you missed one of our in-person seminars, live too far away, simply want a refresher, or there happens to be a worldwide pandemic, webinars are a great option. Since we love in-person training so much, we've designed our webinar experiences to be as interactive as possible. To accomplish this, we added a second trainer as a moderator to watch the chat activity, answer questions, and pass this information on to the primary trainer. This provides an engaging dialogue, and with the added benefit of 3 or 4 times the attendees of a traditional seminar, there's as much learning going on in the chat area as in the presentation. It's almost like being there!

Here’s where you’ll always find the next four weeks in our class schedule. We add new classes and update every week. So if you don’t find the class you’re looking for available in your area now, be sure to check back next week.

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OnlineWed, May 25 - 26Wed, May 25 - 26Controller Area Network (CAN) Diagnostic StrategiesDetails/Enroll
OnlineWed, Jun 08 - 09Wed, Jun 08 - 09OBD II Monitors: Finding Root Causes & Completing Difficult Tests Details/Enroll
OnlineWed, Jun 22 - 23Wed, Jun 22 - 23ATG / Walker Tenneco: Catalytic Converter DiagnosticsDetails/Enroll
OnlineWed, Jun 29 - 30Wed, Jun 29 - 30Non-CAN Vehicle Network Diagnostic StrategiesDetails/Enroll
OnlineMon, Jul 11 - 12Mon, Jul 11 - 12ATG/Denso Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS)Details/Enroll
OnlineWed, Jul 13 - 14Wed, Jul 13 - 14 ATG/Denso Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS)Details/Enroll
OnlineWed, Jul 27 - 28Wed, Jul 27 - 28Hybrid Battery Diagnostics: Including Safety, Tools & DisablingDetails/Enroll
OnlineWed, Aug 03 - 04Wed, Aug 03 - 04Scan Tool Strategies For Trouble Codes & Drivability FaultsDetails/Enroll
OnlineWed, Aug 10 - 11Wed, Aug 10 - 11Ford Drivability & Code Diagnostics: Fuel Systems & Diagnostic Tool UpdateDetails/Enroll
OnlineMon, Aug 22 - 23Mon, Aug 22 - 23Hybrid Motor Diagnostics: Includes ICE, Cooling & Accessory SystemsDetails/Enroll
OnlineWed, Aug 24 - 25Wed, Aug 24 - 25Evaporative Emissions Systems: Leak, Flow & Function TestingDetails/Enroll
OnlineWed, Aug 31 - 01Wed, Aug 31 - 01Mechanical & Variable Valve Timing DiagnosticsDetails/Enroll
OnlineWed, Sep 07 - 08Wed, Sep 07 - 08Ford Drivability & Code Diagnostics: Induction, Ignition, Misfire & MechanicalDetails/Enroll

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