Training manuals are great. I have quite a collection of them. Subject matter was good. I would like to see a class that goes further into waveform interpretation and skips over basics. Most mechanics that have a scope have put the effort into basics, especially after spending thousands of dollars on one. Good overall class! Instructors constant coughing took away a bit of enjoyment from class. He should have had some cough medicine before the class.

Review left by Greg Ondus of Ondus Auto Service 


I agree that the presenters pulled you into the Webinar as if you were there. Questions were answered in a timely manner and the flow of knowledge was supported by meaningful Presentation Slides. The two presenters worked harmoniously with each other as smoothly as a tag team can be. I would definitely recommend this style of learning with the quality of presenters to anyone needing training and information explained to them in a simplified manner.

Review left by Sheldon Newkirk of Blackhawk Technical College 

Great class! This class was well worth the money! 

Review left by Kevin McHale of BPA 

Great class, Hybrid Systems Diagnostics excellent useful information!!!

Review left by Miguel Hurtado of Amigo Auto Repairs 

Great class. I appreciate the "generic" information provided. Most of my training has been OEM so it is interesting learning a process that gets similar results but will work on many vehicles.

Review left by John Blakely of Umpqua Community College 


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