Over the years our technicians have attended many evening courses. Many times I get reports back from the techs that the instructor or content was marginal and the techs are left wondering why they gave up family time for the course. This makes it hard to get them to willingly go to evening courses. On September 26th 2012 we had the Emissions Control Diagnostics Workshop in Saskatoon. All of our techs came back impressed with the trainer. They said finally they had relative information they could use at the shop. Even our head tech Dave XXX (ACDelco Tech of the Millennium) was happy he had gone. His response was that the instructor was believable. Other comments from the techs were on the process of diagnostics being a big help and that there was very little useless trivia which other instructors tend to overdo. Overall a huge success for technician information they can come back to the shop and use. I urge those that arrange the training for our techs to find more instructors of this caliber. This will ensure that technicians stay up to date with the training they need and that they will want to attend these courses. Thank you very much for providing a course that was well worth the time and effort to be away from our families. - Don K. (5 star review found on ATG Training)


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