Had a great experience taking the Ford 6.7 course on Monday the 11th and Tuesday the 12th. A big thank you to Jeff Canidawho was a great instructor. - Shane O (5 star review found on Facebook)

My technicians have attended their training programs over the years and found that they are top-notch. Additionally, the training books are filled with awesome reference material. Training returns dividends most folks don’t bank on! - Scott B (5 star review found on Facebook)

Excellent class and great books. - Raul N (5 star review found on Facebook)

For me it was the best training. The manuals are awesome, very good material. - Felix A (5 star review found on Facebook)

I have taken a lot of classes with ATG and they have some of the best instructors in the business. - Andre P (5 star review found on Facebook)

I believe ATG is a superior wealth of hands on knowledge that is being instilled in me from their awesome handmade manuals to their classes in a short time span. You all help keep me efficient, and up to date on all this crazy technological advancements in my always changing career. I have had great informative instructors that feed my mind and great hosts that seem to always fill my belly and provide a great learning environment. Chatting with technicians from other shops in different geographical locations gives me an idea to how the industry is moving along. Sharing stories and experiences and short cuts that I’ve learned in the ATGs classes from the instructors or fellow technicians can’t be beat in my opinion. These traveling teachers that are so giving of their own time and are currently in or have spent a lifetime in the same trenches is hands down priceless. Thank you all and keep on keeping us in tune and updated. You all are extremely appreciated. - Fred P. (5 star review found on Facebook)

I have been sending all of my technicians to ATG training classes every time that they are in town for 14 years. Wally Mauradian is a fantastic trainer and my tech's always come back energized and informed. We always find new things that we didn't know before the training.- Brian K (5 star review found on Alignable)

I just cannot say enough about Automotive Training Group. Their industry changing diagnostic tips incorporated in there training manuals take average technicians and turn them into advance level specialists. Over the years I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in training with all types of training programs. Only ATG has been able to let me see the return on investment by watching my technicians grow into the best technicians in my area. Keep up the great work ATG. - Eric W (5 star review found on Facebook)

I took the Network and Programming class about two weeks ago. I have had three vehicles in the shop with communication issues since I attended the class. The class helped diagnose the cars and I was able to refer back to the book I was given in class. The instructor also did a great job teaching the course. I am looking forward to more classes you are offering in my area. Thank You. Brian F

I recently attended the Intermittent Electrical and Drivability Diagnostics Seminar taught by Jason Virdin. The manual which was given at the seminar was top notch and an excellent reference material! There were a number of ways to diagnose intermittent problems which were covered. There were even some low cost diagnostic tools mentioned in the manual that could be made from components purchased at local electronics stores. As a rule, I will take all of the manuals obtained from ATG classes and have them at work as they are a ready source of reference material. Jason is a great instructor that encourages class involvement no matter what seminar he is teaching. What he isn’t is the type of instructor that says or thinks he knows it all. He is very down to earth easy to communicate with but he also really makes you think when in class. Jason is very good with explanations of concepts you cover in class but may not be familiar with at the time. He endeavors to make sure all in class understand what is covered and if not will spend extra time after class, when possible, to help you understand what was covered. I have been taking ATG classes with Jason Virdin for a few years now and have not been disappointed by either the quality of the manuals given or of Jason’s instruction methods. Doug S (5 star review found on ATG Training)


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