I recently attended the Intermittent Electrical and Drivability Diagnostics Seminar taught by Jason Virdin. The manual which was given at the seminar was top notch and an excellent reference material! There were a number of ways to diagnose intermittent problems which were covered. There were even some low cost diagnostic tools mentioned in the manual that could be made from components purchased at local electronics stores. As a rule, I will take all of the manuals obtained from ATG classes and have them at work as they are a ready source of reference material. Jason is a great instructor that encourages class involvement no matter what seminar he is teaching. What he isn’t is the type of instructor that says or thinks he knows it all. He is very down to earth easy to communicate with but he also really makes you think when in class. Jason is very good with explanations of concepts you cover in class but may not be familiar with at the time. He endeavors to make sure all in class understand what is covered and if not will spend extra time after class, when possible, to help you understand what was covered. I have been taking ATG classes with Jason Virdin for a few years now and have not been disappointed by either the quality of the manuals given or of Jason’s instruction methods. Doug S (5 star review found on ATG Training)


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