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DatesWednesday, July 24 - Thursday, July 25 Add to Calendar
Time6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Each Evening

315 South Street
New Britain, CT 06051
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InstructorKris Lewis
ContactKristy Huerta (800) 233-3182 Ext. 222

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Everyone must deal with programming, and even if you don't do it, you are subletting to mobile, remote or dealer services. Therefore, we created this seminar to help you become a better programmer or to become a better programming customer. Successful programming and setup require a skilled programmer, but also a shop that has properly diagnosed the vehicle and has it in the correct condition for programming. The benefits for everyone include more accurate quotes, better customer expectation management, getting the vehicle back on the road faster, and avoiding the time and money involved in multiple attempts.  

Some programming is as simple as following instructions, but there are many exceptions, including transmission solenoid strategies, the used module problem, and a million variations for clusters, radios, differentials, steering, and everything else!

Other skills include:

  • Understanding tooling & subscription options
  • Identifying information sources for calibrations, programming sequences, and other requirements
  • Knowing how to set up for successful programming (e.g. old module available, label numbers, programming/learning sequence etc.)
  • Implementing backup plans for failed or forced programming
  • Understanding the need for documented & undocumented post-programming procedures

This seminar and manual were built in the field, so they are based on the actual (not published) procedures, including examples of working around failures and challenges.


Mission: To provide superior quality training and create industry-leading programs that produce consciously competent technicians that provide safe and proper repairs of current and future automotive technologies.


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