Data Stream: Scan Tool Techniques

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Time6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Each Evening
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1700 Seven Oaks Road
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InstructorBryan Perrin
ContactKristy Huerta (800) 233-3182 Ext. 222

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Looking for a way to simplify your diagnostics process by narrowing down data streams to diagnose vehicles quickly & confidently? With a tool you already have?... Data Stream Diagnostics Seminar is your answer! Vehicle manufacturers spend so much effort creating PIDs and Scan Tool functions that are almost never used. There’s no reference to most of them in flow charts, and definitions are almost impossible to find. We’re left to fend for ourselves, but we have assembled some great solutions for choosing PIDs and controls, interpreting results, and determining units and meaning when it makes no sense.

Maybe more importantly, with High Level Indicators as a foundation, you can quickly move most PIDs into our favorite new category of ‘true but useless’. Quickly eliminating the dumb stuff really helps clear your head during diagnosis.

Coverage includes:

  • High Level Indicator techniques & practice
  • Detailed PID comparison tables
  • When Generic PIDs are better
  • The case for limited Mode $06
  • Using wiring diagrams to determine what PIDs really mean
  • Managing customer expectations w/ Data
  • Lots of Case Studies & Examples!

This seminar and manual were built by analyzing everyday diagnostics to find the best way to leverage PIDs, controls and code definitions. This path is rarely the same as the published flow chart and is almost always a lot shorter. Whether you’re just starting in diagnostics or have decades of experience, you’ll find something practical that can be applied immediately.


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