Worksheet Downloads


The worksheets below are used to identify intermittent concerns and conditions, and to focus and document the diagnostic process. For more information on how to use these worksheets, attend an ATG Intermittent Electrical & Drivability Diagnostic Strategies seminar. Contact us to request information about a seminar in your area. Or, you can purchase the Intermittent Electrical & Drivability Diagnostic Strategies manual.

Class-Specific Downloads


The following downloads pertain to both the Diagram-Based Fault Classification & Test Selection and Advanced Electrical & Circuit Testing classes:

ATG Volumetric Efficiency Calculator Application


Enter scan tool data from a test drive to quickly calculate engine breathing efficiency. Use results as a high level indicator that further breathing-fault testing is required, including exhaust backpressure, mechanical timing, and other causes of breathing restriction or reduction. If the vehicle passes this volumetric efficiency test, then you’ve eliminated an entire category of possible causes with a single trip around the block.