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Dates Wednesday, July 29 - Thursday, July 30
Time 5:30 pm to 7 pm Pacific Each evening
Place Wherever you are at!

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Instructor Eric Walker & Kris Lewis
Contact Heather Fitzgerald - (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325
Download Enrollment Form  NOTE: Complete enrollment form and fax to (858) 486-8530.

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Vehicle Network Diagnostic Strategies webinar description

From Generic Scan Tool communication failures during state emissions tests to complex high speed powertrain and safety system networks, communication problems and U-Codes are becoming a much larger problem every year. Most flow charts involve disconnection and passive measurements, which is not only the longest diagnostic path, but also the most likely to disturb the circuits before proper tests can be performed. This webinar solves that problem by providing the best code pattern, wiring, and topology analysis tips, followed by specific tests for each type of fault, including isolation, overlay, and known-good Lab Scope waveforms. The only thing better than having every great test available to you is having a decision-making process so that you choose the most appropriate test for each network fault you face. So we provide that, too! Case studies and examples are provided for CAN and almost all other manufacturer-specific protocols.


Optional Webinar Manual:

The ATG manual by the same name includes the content from the webinar, plus many tips, known-good captures, and case studies that couldn’t possibly be covered in the 3-hour webinar. This manual is a good resource back in the shop because it includes more of the three key ingredients of a good network diagnosis: Knowing how each network should behave, having a huge arsenal of tests and tips, and providing decision-making information for each network and fault type to prevent wasting time on pointless tests.

This manual supports a 7-hour course by itself, so there’s plenty of extra information to use back in the shop.

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