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Dates Wednesday, August 26 - Thursday, September 10
Time 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time each evening

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Instructor Eric Walker & Kris Lewis
Contact Heather Fitzgerald - (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325
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Webinar Information for Hybrid session 1:

Date: Wednesday, August 26th & Thursday, August 27th
Time: 5:30pm to 7pm Pacific Time each evening

This 3-hour webinar is the first of a two-part complete hybrid diagnostics webinar series. Batteries aren’t the most common failures in hybrids, but it’s a growing category because so many of the high market share hybrid models are finally aging out. Available diagnostics are mostly time consuming and inconclusive, so we’ve assembled the best collection of PIDs, controls, and testing strategies to minimize diagnostic time, as well as tool and equipment advice to keep you both productive and safe.  Vehicle coverage includes examples from Honda, Toyota, Ford, BMW, Hyundai/KIA, General Motors, and more, but our test strategies are universal. There are multiple test options available for each topic, and one or more of them will work for you no matter what brand of hybrid you are working on.

Specific topics include:

  • Using vague PIDs to track current flow into and out of battery packs
  • Translating random PID polarity
  • Battery stress-testing, and the need to use various test conditions (fault conditions vary!)
  • Diagnosing with battery temperature
  • Low State of Charge (SOC) backup plans
  • Actual high voltage battery faults vs. sensing faults and connection voltage drop (e.g. buss bars)
  • Battery failure case studies

For each discussion, we focus on the high level thought process to help you rule out entire categories of faults. From what’s left, tests are explained based on what is easiest and returns the most information with the least amount of disassembly. This is the opposite of the traditional linear flowchart strategy, and it gets you to the root cause faster than any other method.


Webinar Information for Hybrid session 2:

Date: Wednesday, September 9th & Thursday, September 10th
Time: 5:30pm to 7pm Pacific Time each evening

This 3-hour webinar is the second part of our complete hybrid diagnostic webinar series.  There are now over 100 hybrid models on our roads, but there are a limited number of unique configurations used.  Therefore, if you learn the few different motor types and control strategies, you’ll be able to diagnose any hybrid, no matter who makes it. This also applies to other systems covered, including the internal combustion engine, braking systems, cooling systems, and other hybrid-specific components. After this webinar, you’ll be able to recognize systems and components even when working on one of the dozens of low-production hybrids. Better still, you’ll be able to select the appropriate test from our manual to avoid guessing when available repair information is confusing (or nonexistent).

Hybrid Motors & Controls

  • Identifying and testing all enabling switches and actuators (contactors).
  • Motor diagnostics using PIDs, meters, shortcuts and even Lab Scopes
  • Understanding series and parallel interlocks
  • High voltage contactor control and monitoring
  • Tests lists for isolation faults
    • Engines & Other Hybrid Systems
  • Testing air, coolant and refrigerant cooling for batteries, motors, engines & electronics
  • Lots of auxiliary tests for fans, pumps, HVAC, plug-in charging, brakes, instrumentation, etc.
  • ICE faults and test variations vs. non-hybrid
  • Symptoms: Hybrid system or engine?
  • Base engine testing in a hybrid


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