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Dates Wednesday, November 04 - Thursday, November 05
Time 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. each evening

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Instructor Eric Walker & Rick Kelley
Contact Heather Fitzgerald - (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325
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What this webinar is about…


The modern General Motors diagnostic flow chart consists of references to general tests that may or may not be related, but almost always represent ‘the long way’ to find a fault. The solution is to have a decision-making process for your diagnostic path, which is precisely how we structured this webinar and available manual.

The best trouble code and drivability decision-making uses fault conditions, patterns, and the best PIDs and controls to create a possible cause list with the most likely faults on top. This prevents you from going down the ‘rabbit hole’ by assuming that, for example, a misfire code is related to an ignition fault. High Level Indicators will quickly tell you if this is a clogged exhaust, injection fault, mechanical issue or some other fault instead.


GM Fuel Systems & Mechanical Issues

  • Fuel Trim fault differentiation by operating condition
  • Normal & electronic returnless low pressure fuel systems
  • High pressure (GDI) fuel systems & injection
  • Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT)
  • Engine position signal correlation (and VCT vs. actual mechanical timing faults)


Optional Webinar Manual…


This webinar will help you diagnose GM vehicles faster, but whether you’re taking one or both of the webinars, there’s still not enough time to cover everything in ATG’s 406-page General Motors Drivability & Code Diagnostics manual. The manual will help you bring the webinar information back to the shop as a reference during your next GM diagnosis. It contains decision-making tables, strategies, captures (scan tool & lab scope), and case studies for ignition, fuel, and emissions systems. Additionally, it covers as GDI, VVT, electronic throttles, variable displacement, and other modern engine management systems.


CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds for the webinar or manuals once purchased.