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Dates Wednesday, December 16 - Thursday, December 17
Time 10am to 11:30am Each Day - Special Time! You asked for it, we delivered!

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Instructor Kris Lewis & Rick Kelley
Contact Heather Fitzgerald - (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325
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What this webinar is about…

Wiring diagrams are part of a larger strategy that gives us great high level indicators for fault categories, which helps you choose far better tools and tests. When fully leveraged, this can trim hours from your diagnostic path. As part of a disciplined process, diagrams can help you:

  • Identify the circuit type (series, parallel, combination)
  • Classify the fault (opens, shorts, high resistance)
  • Trace the current path, parallel paths, and enabling paths

Not a single circuit test is used to answer the variables above. But when the answers are combined and compared, you’ll already know almost everything that can’t be wrong with the circuit. With today’s multiplexed systems and hard-to-access harnesses and components, any test you don’t have to perform is a big win.

Once the fault type has been defined, it’s time to select the best tools and tests, including overlays, isolation, load substitution, and many more – all proven using case studies and examples. The strategies in this webinar and optional manual appeal to both new and experienced technicians, so everyone will find value and be able to apply new methods immediately.

Optional Webinar Manual:

This webinar references principles, tools, tests, exercises and case studies in ATG’s Advanced Circuit & Electrical Testing training manual. While not required for the webinar, the manual contains fill-in and tracing exercises to solidify the lessons, as well as many pages of tables describing the effectiveness of each tool and test for every type of circuit fault. This extra information can be referenced in the shop during electrical diagnosis where you’re trying to apply the lessons from the webinar.


ATG WEBINAR POLICY: No refunds for the webinar or webinar related manuals once purchased.