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Dates Monday, November 30 - Tuesday, December 31
Time Anytime!
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Instructor Kris Lewis & Rick Kelley
Contact Heather Fitzgerald - (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325
Download Enrollment Form  NOTE: Complete enrollment form and fax to (858) 486-8530.

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Gasoline Direct Injection diagnostics can be frustrating because performance faults may be caused by related systems such as the low pressure supply side. Additionally, direct testing is rarely practical because injectors are often buried, lines are often 1-time use, and high pressure prevents easy verification. What you need is a way to eliminate most of the possible causes without taking anything apart. Wish granted! This webinar covers simple isolation and elimination techniques that include observation-by-condition, disconnection, Scan Tool PIDs and controls, and Lab scope tests. These strategies work regardless of system configuration (e.g. normally closed vs. normally open solenoids), so you can use them on any GDI system that ends up in your bay.


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