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Dates Monday, October 28 - Tuesday, October 29
Time 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. each evening
Place 450 Memorial Banquet Center
450 Memorial Drive
Chicopee, MA 01020  Map →
(413) 739-7311
Instructor Kris Lewis
Contact Keena Martin - (800) 233-3182 Ext. 222
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Vehicle coverage includes examples from Honda, Toyota, Ford, BMW, Hyundai/KIA, General Motors, and more. There are now over 100 hybrid models on our roads, but our captures and case studies cover the limited number of configurations used.  After this seminar, you’ll be able to recognize the systems and components even when working on one of the dozens of low-production hybrids. Using these skills, you can approach a common hybrid or a model you’ve never seen and easily identify components, functions, and interactions. Better still, you’ll be able to select the appropriate test from our manual to avoid guessing when available repair information is confusing (or nonexistent).  Specific topics include:

  • An Intuitive understanding of power sharing
  • Drive motor types & feedback, including BAS, planetary, 2-mode, flywheel, clutched EV, etc.
  • Battery stress-testing w/ failure examples
  • High voltage battery faults vs. voltage drop
  • ICE faults and test variations vs. non-hybrid
  • Understanding the braking/regeneration mix
  • Testing air, coolant and refrigerant cooling for batteries, motors, engines & electronics
  • Lots of auxiliary tests for fans, pumps, HVAC, plug-in charging, brakes, instrumentation, etc.
  • Cool circuit tests not listed in OEM information

For each discussion, we focus on the high level thought process to help you rule out entire categories of faults. Finding out what’s not wrong prevents wasted tests and the distractions that lead to misdiagnosis. Bringing this ideology to hybrid diagnostics makes sense because the complexity of the drivetrain and auxiliary systems means that mistakes cost a lot of time and money. After this seminar you’ll have confidence when the next hybrid rolls in, no  matter who made it!