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October 9, 2019!

Dates Wednesday, October 23 - Thursday, October 24
Time 6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. each evening
Place Barbagallo’s Restaurant & Conference Center
6344 E Molley Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057  Map →
(315) 433-8585
Instructor Kris Lewis
Contact Cathy Haskin - (800) 233-3182 Ext. 114
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This all-new training seminar is the third in our popular Import series. Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is simple in design but difficult to diagnose because the traditional shortcuts of swapping out parts and disassembling for inspection are not practical. This is why we have adapted ATG’s ‘High Level Indicator’ approach for ruling out possible causes before parts come off. The same approach applies to induction system diagnostics where repair information is vague, component access is difficult, and feedback loops are not always available. For all systems covered, the approach is first universal, and becomes manufacturer-specific only after the possible cause and tool/test lists have been completed and trimmed down. Coverage includes:
• GDI high level pressure & performance tests
• Carbon deposit prevention
• Best valve carbon removal tools/techniques
• Excellent strategies for reducing possible causes
• Manufacturer-specific faults & tips
• Shortcuts for validating sensors & actuators
• A repeatable strategy for analyzing induction system functionality and creating a test plan for:
o Traditional wastegate turbos
o Combo wastegate/bypass turbos
o Electronic throttle controls
o Feedback & non-feedback variable intake
o Integrated crankcase breathing
This seminar and manual were built by analyzing actual diagnostic struggles and documenting the shortest diagnostic paths for these systems. Because of this practical approach, you won’t be buried in useless engineering detail – only useful facts that you can measure and that will help guide your diagnostic path. This seminar continues the ATG tradition of saving you diagnostic time. We’re in the ‘wasted test prevention’ business, and we hope you can attend!