OBD II Monitors: Finding Root Causes & Completing Difficult Tests

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InstructorBryan Perrin & Eric Walker
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What this webinar is about...

When a monitor on an OBD II vehicle will not complete, the answer is not to run the drive cycle again and again hoping for a different outcome. You might as well put the published drive cycle under your pillow and hope that the Monitor Fairy visits. What is needed is a straightforward diagnostic approach where possible causes are quickly ruled out until all that is left is the right answer!

This webinar provides this by explaining why monitors don’t complete, and how to quickly determine which of the four possible cause categories contain the fault. We start with an explanation of how the monitor is actually trying to decide whether or not a system is operating properly, and then branch out to enabling conditions and disabling conditions. But that’s the easy stuff. From there we look at the three remaining possible cause categories and eliminate them in order.


Topics include:

  • What is an OBD II monitor? No this is not the basic explanation from 1996!
  • How to infer monitor strategies from the drive cycle details
  • An advanced look at Mode $06 and $09 data as diagnostic indicators
  • Identifying default test values
  • Linking Mode $06 tests to OBD II codes
  • Monitor enable criteria vs. code enable criteria and why it matters
  • Keep Alive Memory (KAM) failures
  • Component faults that can affect monitor completion without setting their own codes!
  • Programing faults and how to find them
  • Resources for identifying problem vehicles & monitors

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