Small Diesel Diagnostics

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Time6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Each Evening
PlaceDiesel Laptops, LLC

7440 Broad River Road
Irmo, SC 29063
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InstructorWally Mouradian
ContactKevin Singh (800) 233-3182 Ext. 230

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Diesel service information, including flowcharts, tends to be misleading and hard to understand, and it’s especially frustrating for the popular commercial and passenger vehicle small diesels covered in this seminar. System relationships are not well documented, and a fault in one often sets seemingly unrelated codes in another. Diesel parts also tend to be more expensive and less accessible, so good testing decisions are a lot more important. To address these issues, we built this seminar and manual using shop experience rather than service information, to give you a much larger pool of proven tests to draw from when sorting through the piles of possible causes.

Systems covered include:

  • High & Low Pressure EGR Systems
  • Dual Sequential Turbochargers
  • Swirl Valves
  • Piezo vs. Solenoid Injectors
  • Pressure Sensing Glow Plugs
  • DPF Regeneration Tips
  • SCR & Related Components
  • Complicated MAF, MAP Boost, EGR & DPF Relationships
  • False HP Fuel System Codes
  • Simplified No-Start & Hard-Start Diagnostics
  • Leveraging Relearns & System Tests

This seminar and manual cover the ‘inside information’ you need to avoid testing the long way when flow charts are available, and completely guessing when they aren’t. Our approach looks for high-level indicators to make a better possible-cause list, and then offers multiple simple tests to trim that list as fast as possible without taking too much apart.


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