Drivability Best Practices

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We’ve been busy collecting all of the best tests and proofs for quickly sorting through drivability possible causes.  As always, we start with High Level Indicators such as Volumetric Efficiency & Fuel Trim.  But while we’ve been advocating this approach for a while, the vehicles keep changing! This all-new seminar tackles how our shop-up diagnostic approach applies when you add turbocharging, revert to MAP sensors (vs. MAF), reduce manifold vacuum, and other changes that keep us constantly learning and growing.

Traditional diagnostics tell us to ‘check the basics’, but there’s no way to accurately and profitably diagnose with such an outdated model.  This seminar and manual put all of the core decision making tables you’ll need in Section 1, which eliminates almost all possible causes with very little actual testing.  Then you’re directed out to appropriate sections for breathing, fueling, ignition and mechanical tests.  In most cases, you’ll beat the problem in the first hour.  Topics include:

  • Volumetric Efficiency calculations on naturally-aspirated and boosted engines
  • Torque management & driver modes
  • Calculated Load vs. Absolute Load
  • Crankcase pressure diagnostics
  • Fuel Trim the most important way - by condition!
  • Transducers vs. gauge-based test options
  • Simplified misfire testing options

Whether you’re diagnosing a customer complaint or a condition code (other than circuit codes), this seminar will teach you how to leverage the manual back in the shop to find the fastest diagnostic path.


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