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OEM flowcharts are linear documents that focus on open circuit testing. This process takes a long time, it can also be misleading because faults don’t always show up under flowchart testing conditions.

The lab scope offers a way to measure actual circuit activity under actual operating conditions.

This manual is designed to challenge even the most experienced lab scope users with new techniques and tips to leverage the power of the lab scope. However, even new lab scope users will get what they need to take those first steps.

This manual includes numerous real-world examples, including:

  • Hand held and PC based Lab Scopes
  • Current probes
  • Current test alternatives
  • Lab Scope voltage drop tips & tricks
  • Circuit access tools
  • Inexpensive transducer-based testing
  • Specific sensor, motor & solenoid tests

282 pages, 8-1/2″ x 11″.

After reading this manual you will have learned new time saving combination tests and strategies for quickly pinpointing elusive faults.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
    • Diagnostic Process
    • Ohms Law
    • Tools & Tests
    • Lab Scope Setup
    • Probes & Adapters
  2. Ignition Systems
    • System ID & Test Selection
    • Triggers & IC Control
    • Primary & Secondary
    • Current Testing
  3. Sensors
    • Thermistors
    • Potentiometers
    • Pressure Sensors
    • Flow Sensors
    • Oxygen Sensors
    • Speed & Position Sensors
  4. Actuators
    • Relays & Solenoids
    • Rotating Motors
    • Stepper Motors
    • Oxygen Sensor Heaters
  5. Transducers & Capacitors
    • Compression Waveforms
    • Vacuum & Flow Waveforms
    • Capacitor Filters


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