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Instructor Kris Lewis & Rick Kelley
Contact Heather Lezon (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325

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This Advanced Driver Assist Systems Diagnostics webinar offers a unique approach to diagnosing and calibrating the various sensors and systems. Unlike other training that focuses on sensor technology, we skip the engineering information in favor of practical tests and calibration advice. This webinar makes this information ‘real’ by providing many OEM and aftermarket calibration examples, including many case studies where it all went very wrong. Anyone can read calibration instructions, so this webinar and manual focus on both simple and challenging real-world experiences, translating technical information into everyday shop processes.

Specific Topics

·      Where to find out what ‘normal operation’ feels like

·      Checking tricky user settings with Scan Tools and driver menus

·      Differentiating marketing from reality (sensors, systems, suites, packages, and actual functions)

·      Warnings about mistakes, even when using OEM procedures

·      Sonar, radar and camera calibrations using OEM & aftermarket equipment

·      Circuit & network test advice & examples

·      Diagnostic options advice for each sensor type 

·      Case studies covering failed calibrations, failed sensor, improper mounting, and confusing instructions

Who Needs an ADAS Class?

Everyone! ADAS training is necessary for high end diagnostic and programming technicians, but it’s becoming an issue for technicians at every level. ADAS systems may need repair or calibration after:

  • Any steering or suspension service
  • Alignment
  • Windshield replacement
  • Bumper removal for unrelated work such as lights, radiator, or condenser replacement
  • Modifications to suspension geometry or tire size
  • Side mirror replacement
  • Steering angle sensor replacement
  • Minor accidents – even if body work is not required

Additionally, proper ADAS training will help techs avoid problems they never know existed, such as:

  • ADAS system issues due to improper wiper blade length
  • Inoperative ADAS functions due to window coatings, tinting, stickers, etc.
  • Even bumper stickers, tape, and paint thickness can cause serious safety concerns

What If I Don’t Want to Calibrate ADAS?

According to the list above, ADAS is an issue for even simple repairs, but not everyone will choose to become an expert in repairing and calibrating these systems. Even so, every tech needs to be familiar with all of the systems and possible crossovers into the repairs that they do perform. Why? Because you’ll want to know what sensors to be careful with, and when to sublet calibrations after repairs or even routine service. Most importantly, you’ll want to be able to identify each system, what it does and how it should behave on a test drive. Because even if you don’t work directly on ADAS systems, you’re still expected to verify that everything you touched works properly before returning the vehicle to the customer. Sometimes that includes things you didn’t touch, but rather related items such as bumper covers.

Why This is For Everyone

There’s a huge opportunity for ADAS-trained technicians, but it’s just as important for techs that never want to touch it because they must be aware of repairs and services that affect ADAS operation. As long as the required calibration and verification time is sold to the customer, it’s a win for everyone, even if the actual calibrations are performed by someone else.

 Some Common ADAS Systems

  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Rear Collision Warning
  • Cross traffic alert
  • Collision Braking
  • Side View/Surround View
  • Park Assist

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