Import Mechanical & Variable Valve Timing Diagnostics

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Time5:30pm to 7pm Each Evening - Pacific Time
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InstructorKris Lewis & Rick Kelley
ContactHeather Lezon (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325

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What this webinar is about...

Mechanical timing problems have been around as long as the internal combustion engine, but more complex timing and valve train systems have flooded the market in the last decade.  Now they’re showing up in your shop, and the stakes are high.  Position sensor codes are often mechanical or variable timing faults.  Variable valve timing (VVT) codes are often mechanical timing faults or lubrication issues.  Even Fuel Trim, MAF, MAP, and other codes and symptoms can be caused by a variety of timing and lift faults.   When it really is a VVT system fault, it’s hard to tell if the root cause is an oil, solenoid, actuator, or other mechanical fault.  What’s needed is a repeatable strategy to avoid testing ‘everything’, and instead quickly eliminate possible causes.  In this webinar, we’ve fine-tuned this approach to include manufacturer-specific ATG Tips for quick solutions you’d spend hours discovering on your own.

Coverage includes:

  • Hydraulic, Electronic & Magnetic Clutch VVT systems
  • Finding stretched/jumped timing without disassembly
  • Differentiating mechanical & VVT failures
  • Stuck actuators vs. stuck solenoid diagnostics
  • Leverage Scan Tool PIDs & functions to eliminate the most possible causes with the least effort

This list really sums up the problem:  It’s all related!  Only by treating mechanical timing, variable valve timing, valve train and lubrication all as a single system can you quickly find out what’s not wrong and zero in on a root cause.  Diagnosing each of these variables individually results in incorrect or partial diagnosis that costs everyone involved a lot of time and money.  For example, many VVT components fail functional tests and are replaced, only to find that the oil pickup screen is clogged, the timing chain is stretched, a main bearing has failed, etc.   We’ve included dozens of real-world examples to prove the point.  We’re confident that this seminar is exactly what is needed to make you a lot more successful finding the whole fault, and finding it faster.

Optional Webinar Manual:

This webinar is based on our popular Mechanical & Variable Valve Timing & Lift manual, which has hundreds of pages of the strategies covered in the webinar, including manufacturer-specific information for many Imports, including Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen/Audi, Nissan and others. This manual is part of our Import Series, but the same spool valve technology, as well as vane and helical actuators, are used in Domestics, which tend to be more straightforward in their use of PIDs and controls. As a result, the manual is helpful for almost all VVT testing, regardless of manufacturer.


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