5 Gas Failure Analysis: Emissions Test & Tailpipe Gas Diagnostics

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Instructor Bryan Perrin & Tim Flannery
Contact Heather Lezon (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325

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What this webinar is about...

This webinar covers failures of 5-gas tailpipe tests whether you’re performing a state emissions inspection test or are just using a gas analyzer to diagnose a drivability or code complaint. While examples are from emissions test failures in California, you’re allowed to use a 5-gas analyzer everywhere. It’s an underleveraged tool because the gas relationships can get confusing, but we’ve focused on one factor (Lambda) to help you create the best possible cause list and quickly trim it from there.

The webinar will be taught by Bryan Perrin, who’s a California BAR-certified instructor, works with BAR for trainer and curriculum review, and has tested thousands of vehicles, so he’s the 5-gas expert you need to help leverage the tool.

Note:               While 5 gases are the most accurate, 4 are almost as precise, and even old 2-gas analyzers are powerful tools. To get the most out of this webinar, diagnosing with or having access to test results from a 4- or 5-gas analyzer is best.

Webinar Resources

This webinar has a 116-page printed manual. The manual includes our unique flow charts for determining whether you have a fuel control or emissions control fault, and for eliminating possible causes from there. Also included are the examples, case studies and explanations from the webinar, so you won’t get writer’s cramp taking notes!

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