Service Writers: Selling Diagnostics & Managing Expectations

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Instructor Bryan Perrin & Tim Flannery
Contact Heather Fitzgerald - (800) 233-3182 Ext. 325

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What this webinar is about...

This isn’t shop management training! Rather, this webinar tackles the tough issues that exist between service writers, customers and technicians. Our approach starts with the belief that as a writer, you have two customers – the person buying the services, and the technician performing them. We’ve found that the most effective sales strategy is managing expectations by selling diagnostic hours and recommending solutions as two completely separate transactions. This is surprisingly effective at helping the customer understand exactly what they’ve bought, and greatly
increases conversion from diagnosis to repair. But a helpful side effect is that technicians have a clearer picture of the individual tasks, which helps their reporting and recommendations, which then helps the sales process. When it works, this ideology prevents both customers and technicians from feeling ‘sold’.

Specific discussions include:

  • Interviewing your customers
  • Aligning diagnostic & repair boundaries with technicians and customers
  • Avoiding the ‘overpromise’
  • Case studies that demonstrate each principle

This is a unique subject for ATG, but it’s exactly the same strategy – find the best practices from the most successful shops, and communicate them in a way that is easy to apply. Each attendee has access to a PDF download of the presentation to follow along and take notes.

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