DOMESTIC VEHICLE TRANSMISSION Trouble Code Handbook for Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUVs (2003-2009)



The ATG Handbook series already covers transmission trouble codes and possible causes, but for transmission-only shops or technicians, we have assembled a specific Transmission Handbook series. These handbooks are available separately or as a set. This 500-Page Quick Reference Guide for Domestic vehicles is 1 of 2 Handbooks in this series, and covers GM, Ford, Chrysler, and related brands, and includes transmission trouble codes for gasoline, diesel, and hybrid applications.

Handbook Features:

  • A true Quick Reference product designed for easy lookups and usage
  • Complete list of OBDII Transmission Trouble Codes identified by year, make and model (and in some cases, by the engine)
  • Possible Cause List (created especially for this product to help you quickly determine what needs to be checked)

Handbook Benefits:

  • A time-saving information tool that is at home inside the vehicle, on the fender or on the workbench (coil bound)
  • Includes the factory descriptions of why a Trouble Code set, and what items to check to make the repair quickly
  • Contains details of what could be wrong with the vehicle that can be used to create an estimate
  • Helps cut down your diagnostic time and the actual time you spend repairing the vehicle
  • Shorten the amount of time you spend looking for Possible Cause information in other products